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 Sag Control DHS4 - contactless - intelligent -



Die Geräteserie DHS4 ist eine kreative Lösung

zur Regelung und Steuerung Ihrer Maschine.


The DHS4 sag control system controls and regulates the spped and start/Stop function of your machine.

For optimum dynamics, 64 IR- barriers inthe scanning area provide a finely graduated output voltage.


For over 25 years, this device series has proven itself successfully in tough industrial use.







Device series DHS4


  - IR- sensor technology

  - High inteference immunity

  - Easy commissioning

  - Robust design



  - Cutting machines

  - Unwinder or winder

  - Extrusion lines

  - Special machines


Available scan area:

  - 1000 x   75mm Typ DHS4/1000x75

  - 1000 x 150mm Typ DHS4/1000x150

  - 1000 x 300mm Typ DHS4/1000x300  new


Special material detection through additional devices:

  - transparent materials

  - thin steel sheets


Technical data:

  - Power Supply             24V DC+-10% 0,2A

  - Control Voltage           0-10V/20mA

  - Resolution                   approx 0,17V

  - Signal output               24V/100mA

  - Relay output                30V/1A

  - Object size                   >3mm

  - Temperature range      0-50°C



Functional description


FUNKTION switch in position POS.UP or POS.DOWN

The photocells in the end positions can control the start/stop operation of your maschine.

The output signals for POS.DOWN are permanently assigned to the lowest light barrier.

All light barriers above the adjusted scan range give the output signals for POS.UP.

For test purposes, the output signals POS.UP or POS.DOWN can be forcibly switched on.


Switch FUNCTION in the position IR CONTROL

In this position the scan area can be tested.

The IR CONTROL LED goes into continuous light, when the scan area is free.

As soon as one of the light barriers is interrupted, the LED goes off. 


FUNCTION switch in AUTOMATIC position.

This function in the normal operating mode for the sag control.

Here, a control signal corresponding to the object position and control signal is output over the set scan range.

The two analog output signals V1 and V2 are always in opposite directions.


















Auxiliary device dancer roller with auxiliary indicador

At the request of some customers with special requirements, we have developed

an additional device with various product- specific funktions for our dag control.

The additional device is located on the back of the sag control.

It can be retrofitted to all existing units.

We will be glad to help you and are awaiting your inquiry.



Applications without auxiliary indicator

  - Mechanical load on the product for smooth product running.

  - Necessary additional weigths can be screwed on.



Applicacions with auxiliery indicator

  - Transparent products

  - Thin steel sheets

  - Fabric ribbons or foils

Siple assembly:

1. Unpack

2. Screw on upper mounting plate

3. Screw on lower mounting plate

4. Screw on retaining bar for parking position

5. Tension guide cables

6. Done


Order designation

Dancer roller DHS4/TR 75       for scanning width 75mm

Dancer roller DHS4/TR 150     for scanning width 150mm

Dancer roller DHS4/TR 300     for scanning width 300mm









Dancer roller

The dancer roller can be moved to an upper parking function.

This frees up the scanning area again for the " normal" contactless function.

Profiling of the roller for centered guidance of the product.

Product- specific profiling of the roller possible.










                                                                                                                  Additional weights can be screwed on, e.g., steel washers



Dancer roll with pointer





The pointer is attached to the side of the roller axle.

The two spiral springs serve as impact protection fot thr roller.











Front view of the device with active pointer in the scan area.





Here are some application examples !




Printing station

The printing station is part of a production line for

sealing profiles.

The smooth running during the printing process

is achieved by the use of two sag controllers.




Drilling station




At the beginning of a drilling station, the sagging control detects the position

of the product.and provides important signals to the PLC- control of the line.





Cut- to- length- machine






Here, the sag control detects the position of the product and sends

control and regulation signals to the PLC control of the

cut- to- length machine.





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